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Welcome to Baxter's Page!

My name is Galen and I am Baxter's mom, and extremely proud to be it! Baxter is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever/Springer Spaniel mix (with a bit of Beagle as well) who suffers from bilateral hip dysplasia and chronic iliopsoas tendinopathy. We have tried everything there is...medicines, supplements...weekly rehabilitation and physical therapy, and we have finally found a way to work around Baxter's limitations.

I hope to share as much information as I can about having a dog with hip dysplasia, and showing others that this type of limitation is manageable. There is no mountain Baxter won't try to climb, and I'm here to help him along the way! 

We lead monthly group hiking meet-ups associated with the @HikingDogsofInsta page. Check out Baxter's instagram for more information and our blog for supplements, medicine, and other types of recommendations with lots of hiking!

Thank you so much for being here!

Keep on Climbing,

Galen and Baxter 

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