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The DoDo Feature

Highlighting Baxter's rehabilitation and physical therapy

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"Meet Baxter, the pup who struggled to run for an unknown reason"

Written by



@TheDoDo and @FetchByTheDoDo

Baxter was featured on both @TheDoDo and @FetchByTheDoDo due to how much Fetch Pet Insurance has helped him! We were so happy to share our story and happy to answer any questions about Baxter's pet insurance policy.

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Hiking With A Long-Haired Dog!

"While spring hasn’t officially sprung, the time to start picking out warm-weather hikes absolutely has for my dog Baxter and I. With the winter season meeting, its end comes so much excitement! Baxter is a mixed breed, comprised of a golden retriever, springer spaniel, and beagle. He has very long, shiny, shaggy black hair which is especially thick around his neck."

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