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Upcoming Events

Check out the latest events we have planned!

upcoming events
Thursday, October 12:

6:00 PM Paint Your Pet with @DenverArtDays

The Flats Beer Garden, Boulder, CO

Join us for a fun night at the most scenic beer garden in Colorado as we paint our pups! Each pet portrait will cost $50, which includes a pre-outlined photo (per your photo submission) and paint-by-number colors! $10 of each pet portrait will be donated to Soul Dog Rescue!! Want to paint a portrait of one of Soul Dog's pups to give to their future forever home? We can send you photos to choose from!

Register HERE

Sunday, October 15:

10:30 AM Rescue Dog Walk with Soul Dog Rescue

Our rescue dog walks have become so special! All you need to do is show up! We always meet at Soul Dog Rescue, in Fort Lupton, CO, in the morning. After a brief introduction, we hand out each shelter dog and every volunteer transports each pup over to the nearby Milavec Reservoir (a 16-minute drive from the shelter). We meet together at the parking lot and walk around the lake loop. We will spend some time sitting in the grass, spending quality time with these shelter pups and letting them enjoy the outdoors.  

Register HERE


Wednesday, October 25

Doggy's Day Out with POSO Dog Rescue

Chautauqua and Bluebell Trail Loop

1.6 mile loop and 459 ft elevation gain

Time: TBD

We are so excited to partner with POSO Dog Rescue for this new meetup! POSO Dog Rescue is an incredible rescue, doing everything it can to set dogs up for success in transitioning into new homes by working with local dog trainers. Check out their website here!

We will be heading out for a hike with foster pups from POSO Dog Rescue at a local Boulder trail!! This is a great way to help foster pups learn to socialize in larger groups, have more exposure, and overall continue to learn how to dog and learn from our own pups! For this event, everyone is invited to bring their own pup along, or if you'd like to walk a foster dog, we can set that up as well!

Register HERE

Sunday, November 5:

Rescue Dog Walk with Soul Dog Rescue
Meet at Soul Dog Rescue in Fort Lupton

Register HERE


Saturday, November 18:

Doggy Day out with POSO Dog Rescue

Mount Sanitas, East Ridge and Sanitas Valley Loop

3.2 miles and 1,256 ft elevation gain

Time: TBD

Register HERE


Sunday, November 19:

Hiking Meetup with @HikingDogsofInsta

Independence Mountain Trail, Pence State Park

2.1 miles and 748 ft elevation gain

*requires a $9 entry pass or CO State Parks Pass 

(more info about passes here)

Signups coming soon

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