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Hiking Meet-Up With Adoptable Dogs

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

On April 30, we are partnering with Soul Dog Rescue based in Fort Lupton, CO for a hiking meet-up where volunteers can sign-up to hike with adoptable dogs! It has taken a year for this idea to come to fruition after reaching out to different rescues and Baxter and I are so grateful for the opportunity to lead Soul Dogs first-ever adoptable dog hike. Many of the dogs at Soul Dog Rescue spend the majority of their time in the shelter, and this give them to opportunity to get some fresh air and lovin' from all of us dog-lovers!!

Post-hike we will head to a nearby brewery where we will be accepting donations of gently used and clean collars, harnesses and leashes to donate to Soul Dog.

Here are the details we are still working on:

- Location

- Transportation

Here are details we have worked out:

- 10 spots will be available

- Currently available and hike-able pups photos and details below

- Adoptable dogs only (you'll have to leave your pet at home to give a shelter pup this opportunity)

- All volunteers will be required to sign a "Day Foster" form for their pup-for-the-day.


Are you interested and willing to help with transport? Please RSVP below and add to the note when you fill out your information! Our goal is to find a fun, easy environment for dogs who have spent a lot of time inside a shelter to have some fresh air.

Have you heard of Soul Dog Rescue?

Soul Dog is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization founded with the mission to spay/neuter and protect animals. Soul Dog is proactive in animal welfare, advancing the need for spaying and neutering our pets to reduce overpopulation. We travel to rural communities on Native American reservations, where spaying and neutering will only happen if it is nearly free or very convenient. Soul Dog works with volunteer veterinarians to provide the spaying and neutering service at no cost to the public. Donations are used to defray the costs associated with medications, supplies, and the operating cost for clinics. Soul Dog Rescue's Mission: Soul Dog Rescue performs collaborative, targeted work, primarily through spay/neuter, in underserved regions in order to create sustainable change and promote cultural shifts regarding the treatment of companion animals.

Interested in volunteering or fostering for Soul Dog? Check out the links below! All volunteer hikers will be required to fill out a day-foster form for each pup. If you'd like more information, please let us know!

Please sign-up below if you would like to volunteer for this event and receive more information! Please note whether you would like to volunteer for the event in the notes!

If you would be willing to help with transport, please let me know in the note! The hope is to help socialize and share these lovely rescue dogs who spend a lot of time indoors. For now, the idea is that hikers can sign up to hike with an adoptable dog for just an adoptable dog-only hike.

We feel so grateful to be able to share this opportunity! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, etc. Send a message here, on Instagram, or email us at if you'd like any more specific information!


Details and photos below - click each pups name for more!

Sadie Sawmill - been in shelter 1year and 8 months. Sadie would make a GREAT hiking buddy but is dog selective. Sadie is an outgoing girl who loves being the center of attention. She takes awhile to warm up to people that she doesn't know. She would do well in an experienced household that could give her the patience and training she needs to become the outgoing and fun loving dog she wants to be.
Sadie Sawmill

Confetti - been in shelter 6 months. Confetti would make an amazing hiking buddy super sweet. This sweet little girl is super sweet and affectionate, she just leans into you and rests her head on you and is a complete snuggle bug.

Chapa - been in shelter 6 months. would make a great hiking buddy. Chapa loves her people. She is a cuddly very high energy young, medium size dog with the most gorgeous brindle coat. She would fit best in a home that loves a fun high energy dog that is really intelligent and who has people that would love training her brain because she is very smart. Chapa sometimes struggles with dogs at the shelter, which isn't uncommon. At a recent adoption event however, she was neutral to lots of dogs while on leash. She might just need some time out of the shelter with slow introductions to see if she would enjoy dog friends.


Cholla - been in 6 months. Cholla is an adorable dog! She is getting dog selective since in shelter so long. Cholla is a high energy girl who loves being the center of attention! She is on the smaller side of medium and doesn't mind being picked up. She also walks well on leash, although does occasionally still jump at and try to tug the leash in the direction she wants to go. Cholla will bark at other dogs whether she is on leash or in a kennel. Before adopting she has to be introduced to other dogs that would be in the home. Cholla would thrive in a home with a human who likes to snuggle and can also set firm boundaries. Our volunteers have been working with her on not barking at other dogs, but she still has progress to make. This girl will thrive with a little bit of patience and a consistent environment.


Hamasta - 2 years old - been in shelter 1 year and 3 months. Hamasta would make a great short hikes buddy. Hamatsa has had a rough start to life, yet she remains fun, sweet and playful! She was shot and the fragment remains in her front leg, which causes her to limp occasionally. Because she plays hard and runs with ease, we have opted not to amputate the leg with the bullet. She is very sweet with all people, very playful and active! She does like to be bossy with other dogs from time to time And is very selective on what other dogs she can get along with. She may be best as the only dog in the house.


Kiowa - been in 1 year and 9 months. In all seriousness, this 30-35 pound, 2 y.o., soft, loveable boy is at his max capacity for new stimuli right now but shows an amazing capacity to be a sweet, snuggly, confident guy. Because life on the rez can be rough going, he can react with a big boy bark when he's afraid. He's a quick learner and will need a home with dog friends and human companions that are loving but firm and consistent so as to build the trust that he needs to thrive.


Chef Pisghetti - 8 months old and been in shelter 6 months. He recently had leg amputation and is such a sweet boy and in need of a day out! This is a well-mannered and sweet boy! Handsome tripod (rear leg was amputated) is a wonderful guy! Seems to be good with cats and kids and other dogs! He is a mixed breed dog who will be 45-65 pounds once full grown.

Chef Pisghetti

Gwinnie - she is in foster and went through board & train program. She is the biggest snuggle bug and sweetest dog but she cannot be in a house with other animals. She is in need of a long-term foster or adopter asap. She gets 3 follow training sessions with the trainer. She is a really good girl. I'd scoop her up if I didn't already have dogs.


Chino & Camlia - Senior dogs are the BEST! What's better than one adorable senior? Two!! Chino and Camilla are the sweetest companions and are a bonded pair. Chino is an easy going, super lovable guy. He's always happy to say hi and loves to be around people. Camilla is timid and careful with people, and she is playful and spunky with her companion Chino, who takes great care of Camilla. Camilla and Chino are both potty trained, good around cats and most other dogs, and great on leash.Prior to going to foster last month they were in the shelter for 2 years. They can stay with the foster until May 20th but will need a new foster or forever home after that. Super sweet pair.

Chino & Camila

Norris - Such a sweet older boy. He would make a great hiking buddy but only a few miles since he is older, but he loves loves loves getting out. He loves snuggling and belly rubs and will stick right by your side. Good with big and small dogs and he may be good with cats. He does have some separation anxiety that will need to be worked on. He was found abandoned in a house for a long time. That is possibly why he gets nervous when anyone leaves him. He is a happy, happy guy! Who can resist Norris's smile?! All Norris wants is to be loved. He is around 8 or 9 years old but still very active and has a cute face that will always look like a puppy. He absolutely LOVES going for walks. He prances and hops around when he sees the leash come out. He walks well on a leash but likes to stop and smell all the good smells. He is a big boy and is such a gentle giant! He has the best manners when taking treats and is so gentle about it.


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