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How To Hike With Us!

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Hello Adventurers!

Scroll down to "Just the Paws" below for the bullet-point version

First off, thank you so much for being here. We are so grateful to every single dog and human that has joined in so far and we are so excited to host more hikes and meet more amazing people! It has absolutely become a new passion of ours and it is thanks to everyone who has signed up and shown interest!

I try to choose locations that can accommodate larger groups and trailheads that have ample parking available. I will also try not to choose locations that charge fees (daily passes, parking, etc.), but sometimes the views are worth it! For example, we led a hike at Lake Isabelle which required a timed entry pass to Brainard Lake Area that was $15. We met half the group outside the entrance and carpooled in and met those who secured a pass. It ended up being pretty easy once we got there! If this is the case, I will provide ample information ahead of time for getting situated and also provide information for carpooling. In the picture below, our group took the Lost Lake/Hessie Trail Shuttle from Nederland Highschool to the trailhead and we took over an entire shuttle!

Lost Lake Hiking Meet Up, October 2022

How can you sign up to join in the fun?

About 3-4 weeks before the hike, @HikingDogsofInsta will publish the hike on both Instagram and also on their website - As a leader for this page, I have to wait for them to post it in order to post it myself. HikingDogsofInsta creates the Google Sign-up Form which has a few questions (how many humans, how many doggos, etc.) and will also give you the opportunity to choose which date and hiking leader you want to sign up for.

Keep an eye out for my stories as we lead up to the hiking day! I will re-share the posts from @HikingDogsofInsta and also update the pinned post on my Instagram. The sign-up link will be added to the "Events" section on my homepage and the link in my Instagram bio. If you want to be notified when the sign-up link is posted, subscribe here and I will be sending it out via email before I post it on my Instagram as our way of saying thank you for subscribing! Otherwise, feel free to message me for a reminder on Instagram and I will happily send it via DM!

The locations for each hike, as well as information about any passes, gear, off/on leash requirements, etc., will be posted there. This information will also be on my Instagram, but I will provide a bit more detail here. While there is currently a limit on the Google Form Sign-Up, there is a 35-person limit (25 for smaller trails) so I will close the sign-up once it is full. Please make sure you fill out the sign-up form accurately and if you can't make it please let me know as soon as you know!

Do you need to bring anything?

Nothing other than your amazing self and companions! I will make sure to send out information about the weather expected for the hike, any need for additional gear (hiking shoes, spikes, etc.) if necessary, and a reminder about hydrating properly. For every hike, I will have water, Gatorade, and snacks in the trunk of my car for everyone to pre or re-fuel for the hike! I will also try to bring along a little surprise each time that you can take home with you.

Ready to hike?

I will send a group message out via Instagram the week of the hike. You will be able to see who else has signed up and comment if you'd like to carpool or share any other information! I will message everyone with all the relevant information, meet-up times, and parking information in this group chat. If you have any questions at all, please message me on any platform and I will get back to you as soon as possible! You can also send an email to

For anyone that would like to join in, but has any concerns please send a message! I will often try to arrange for lunch after our hike and I can provide you with the time and location so you can still join in! It will be, of course, a dog-friendly place and will have both food and drinks. A post-hike beer, water, kombucha (because, Colorado) or other beverage of choice and some good food for a wind down after a great hike? Count us in and we hope you can!

We can't wait to meet you and thank you for your interest in joining us!

Keep on Climbing,

Galen and Baxter

Lake Isabelle Group Hike, August 2022

Just the Paws

  • Sign-ups will be posted 2 weeks in advance on @baxtersmountain Instagram and website, as well as the @HikingDogsofInsta Instagram and

  • Subscribers will be sent the sign-up link via email once it is posted and have the first opportunity to find out the location of the hike and sign up!

  • I will post the sign-up link and information on my Instagram, and there will be a link to it on my Link-tree and the Hiking Meet-Up page here.

  • The week of the hike, I will create a group chat on Instagram with everyone who has signed up for the hike and share all of the relevant information regarding meet-up time and parking.

  • There is a 30-person limit for larger trails and a 25-person limit for smaller trails. Please sign up right away if you'd like to come! I will close the sign-up form once it is full. Please let me know if you can't make it so I can open a spot for someone else :)

  • Check out our "Hiking Meetups" Highlight Reels on our Instagram to see what it's like to join in!

  • Want to join in but don't want to hike in a group? Prefer a nice little stroll, perhaps a drink of choice and some food? Please message me and I will let you know where we plan to have lunch after the hike!

Mount Sanitas Group Hike, July 2022

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